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Personal fashion service & styling

styling by Šárka Štursová

Šárka Štursová is a fashion stylist and image consultant, dealing with personal styling in form of personal shopping or at clients home working on their closet. She specialized also on fashion editorials, commercial styling and movie costumes, fashion shows or for special occasion such as award ceremonies, balls.

She can use her refined taste properly. She likes to be inspired by renowned brands, but is not afraid to go for pieces from commercially available clothing fashion chains. It is giving an opportunity to combinations of high fashion with street trend and offer products specially selected for each client.

Already in high school she walked past shop windows and dreamed that she herself can create its visuals and work with clothing. Essential for her become School of Style Backstage, where she took styling course and gave her career in fashion right direction.

First jobs came shortly, she started working with the most widely read portal, for which she creates fashion and beauty editorials, but also the transformation of the readers and gives fashion tips in the articles. Her creativity she also uses in styling for commercials, film costumes, but also when shooting calendars. Her knowledge is trying to pass on at regular thematic trainings for ladies and gentlemen and thus help to anyone who wants to change his style from scratch, or you just need to refine.

Emphasis on the correct understanding of client requirements, combined with their possibilities and lifestyle. She believes, that just because of a good understanding of the customer's personality, may be their style moved in the right direction.

With a broad portfolio of services and expertise, can work not only on private clientele but effectively collaborate with editors in publishing, advertising agencies and corporate customers. She takes the fashion industry as a constantly changing environment and therefore insists on the never-ending study, tracking the latest news and trends so that they can make the most of the benefit for her customers.

Woman style

help you to be yourself,
feel good,irresistibly

Man style


we move you further,
impress everywhere

for companies

create good image of your company when meeting customers


Shopping with professional fashion stylist

define company dress code for floor sales man and woman

personal care for your fashion style, effective and smart shopping

Consultation with fashion stylist

preparing your outfits for your day "D", wedding, birthday,ball, date, ... 

Personal styling services

Finding ideal outfit for your moment

Fashion blog

we are helping to find your style, not criticize 

look good
in important time

get to know us,
take a look at our outfits 

Movie styling

Print & Online stylist editorials

Personal fashion stylist

experience from movie & celebrity fashion style

work with and for people every day

available emergency fashion
hot line for everyone 

Foreign weekend shopping with personal stylist

enjoy stylish weekend with fashion care and shopping

Individual & group business fashion consultation

step to be more effective,

look good, earn more

Style makeover
& Photo shooting

enjoy your day

Gift vouchers

for management

Part of workshops & team builing

give a enjoyment
you will never forget

show key people your care about them

valued part of social and corporate events

BrandCare support

Personal fashion service 
& styling

care about your image
styling by Šárka Štursová

Jana Pavlová

Sales Manager

Styling matched perfectly the task, cooperation was perfect. Everything how we expected.

Monika Dvořáková
Sales representative

Work on the set was flawless, the stylist was always ready to help with costume.

Zuzana Svobodová


Creativ yet suitable styling, that was exactly what our company needed.

Business Representative
& Dealership

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