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Looking for a reliable company that will import your products to market in Czech Republic ?

Interested in exporting goods from the Czech Republic?

Are you looking for a high quality and reliable representation of your company on the Czech market ?

Do you have interesting products and looking for business partners to expand the market offer in the Czech Republic?

Are you looking for a local company to help you sell your products on the new market?


let us know your producs to import to Czech Republic



having products to export
from Czech Republic

deliver a product suitable as a gift for your customers

Export management company (EMC)

give a chance to try your products, solution to customers 

Export trading company (ETC)

your way to offer products beyond the borders of Czech Republic

Manufacturer's representative

we will take care of your brand and products

"Offer us your products to sell to customers in Czechia with a thoughtful plan
and an effective communication strategy."

BrandCare also offers

Business Representative
& Dealership

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