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& Marketing consultation

Do you plan to promote your brand, products or solutions and don't know Czech media market ?

Need analysis and data collection to be sure about your go to market and marketing strategy ?

Looking for someone local who can connect and introduce you to key business contacts in Czech Republic ?

Would you appreciate help with creating business and marketing plans, focusing on goals and take into Czech market specifics ? 

Would like to get feedback on your plans, processes and go to market strategy and consult it ? 

Data collecting 
& analysis

decisions only based on relevant data

& Plan

select the appropriate strategy safe the cost

Active search for business oportunity

helping open new ways of business and promotions

Cross marketing
& promotion

maximization of synergistic effect

using various effective
leadership styles

& Leading 


extend your business in Czech Republic

"Our mutual cooperation does not end in the office with strategy and presentation, we are ready to personalize processes, mediate personal contacts, as well as to provide appropriate business or storage space, find and train the employees who we will manage."

lead your team to
business & personal growth

Training &


Feedback on
your business and process

still without effective
feedback ? help you with operating blindness 

Latest source
& application 

bring you useful and helpful tools 

Market & contacts

saving cost & time in entering
on Czech market

Find business with

focus on your products 

faster growing
without fails

clear account strategy

Right people
on right places

"We have the desire and energy to star to work on your brand and products
so that our efforts and drive fulfill your expectations."


Product marketing

let customers know about your products effective way


& Online

opportunities & threats
for your products


business & product potential, scan of your competitors

Competitor research

business partners, products, prices, business models, go to market strategy

Ideas how to start business

sharing how and why, use arguments with focus to results

business, marketing, legislation, accounting, taxes, net of dealers

Market research

Goals & Targets

clear goals and ability to evaluate


to clever decisions

Building customer loyalty

save marketing costs 

"The data analyst is part of our work, and it is not only from the point of view of providing relevant data, but also by analyzing, evaluating and adopting measures that will lead to the expected goals."

BrandCare also offers

Business Representative
& Dealership

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